Top 3 New BUG OUT,SURVIVAL Packs Spring & Summer 2015

eberlestockBy: Brian Fletcher

From: FreeCan Survivalists

1). Eberlestock F1Mainframe & F2 Transformer Pack:

Eberlestock is known for versatile load bearing systems both for military and hunting activities. However with the capabilities going beyond just that, I figure you can use this as an all in 1 EDC, & 72hrs Bug Out Bag, and a SHTF type of carry. You can drop the Spike Camp Duffel into the mix and expand this bad boy. Include your sleep system and clothes, plus you can Mollie on your mini kits to the F1 mainframe then drop the Spike Duffel in, and then attach the F-2 Transformer Pack with your important stuff or essentials. Example of this is shown in a video by our friend Chris at Prepperedmind101, have  a pep at it, I think it’s great for again all your Hunting, Bushcraft, Survival, EDC, Camping, Hiking and Backpacking experiences.


2.       Maxpedition Gyrfalcon Backpack:

MaxpeditionThis is the new age of EDC, and multi functional packs, and Maxpedition always stays ahead of the curve. Once again they have done just that with the upcoming release of the Gyrfalcon, which is a versatile pack that offers internal frame and removable waist pack. This gives the user the opportunity to go load bearing and or light weight, Depending on your needs. You can lash extra kits on too with the PALS webbing offering great modularity. Check out more about this great pack by clicking the link below.



3.       Condor Elite Titan Assault Pack:

ICondor Love the fact that Condor is offering its customers an Elite option, and this is the Elite Titan Assault Pack. It offers the user a great all around Pack at a great cost.  This pack is a 40L pack that as a removable waist belt/battle belt. Drop in the condor insert pack and your essentials for 72hrs this makes a great bug out bag.



To find out more about this new pack watch the video below:

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