Another Nuclear Reactor in Japan Leaking Radioactive Water

Map of JapanFrom: Fire Earth

Takahama nuclear power plant west of Tokyo leaks radioactive water

A pressurized water reactor (PWR) at Japan’s Takahama nuclear power plant, located in Fukui Prefecture, about 120km northwest of Osaka metropolitan area (pop: ~ 19 million) and 380km west of Tokyo, is leaking radioactive water.

The reactor would have been the fourth resume operation after the the nationwide shutdown of nuclear power stations that followed the triple  meltdown at Fukushima in March 2011.

At least 34 liters of radioactive water (about 64,000 becquerels of radioactivity) have escaped Takahama’s reactor No. 4, said the plant operator, Kansai Electric Power. Continue reading

U.S. Stratcom to Conduct Nuke Exercise ‘Global Lightning 14′

Nuke ExercisesU.S. nuke drills follow ‘massive’ Russian war games

The U.S. Strategic Command (Stratcom) will hold large-scale bombing drills this week, just days after Russia held “massive” war games simulating a nuclear attack by U.S. and NATO.

A total of sixteen B-52 bombers B-2 strategic bombers will participate in the war games called “Global Lightning 14” starting  May 12 through May 16, said the command.

The purpose of this war drill is to “demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness in training scenarios throughout the continental U.S.,” the command said. Continue reading