In Uncertain Times.

We live in uncertain times where being prepared for any possible negative event in ones life is a necessity. We live in a world where there is no job security, the possibility of loosing ones job is a real threat. So what can you do? As in preparing for a natural disaster it is important to think of what you need in order to get through this ordeal. Realistically it will take you some time to fine other employment and with a decrease in your income you need to know how you are getting to get through these tough times.
Here are some suggestions that have worked for me:

  • Have several months income saved in the bank or in home safe. You want to have enough to cover at least your mortgage for a few months.
  • Stalk up on canned goods when they are on sale. If you have a pantry full of food you will eliminate one of your greatest concerns. At least you know you will have something to eat and since this it is important to have canned goods stored in case of natural disaster this serves two purposes.
  • Be aware of how and what you spend your money on! When you have a job it is easy to spend it freely but if you loose your job every penny counts! Constantly evaluate whether you need it or not. If it is a necessity see where you can get it cheaper.
  • Make a list of ALL your expenses. You need to know how much you need in order to survive each month. If your expenses exceed what you can afford you will have to eliminate things until your expenses are within reason.
  • Sell, sell, sell! We all have houses filled with extra stuff that we seldom use, sell some of those things to give you some extra cash.

Hopefully you will not have to go through the ordeal of loosing your job but if you are prepared for such an event it will at least decrease some of the stress. Knowing that you have enough money saved to pay your mortgage, knowing you have shelves of food to eat and understanding just how much money you need to get by will have you get though this time until you find employment again. In the end being prepared for anything that life throws at you will be what keeps you standing tall regardless of the circumstances.