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Jul 22 2014

Survival Central Launches New Recycled Prep & Survival Page

Recycled Prep & SurvivalBy: Robert James Studer Survival Central Editor

I have been a recycling prepper for the past 15 years. No this doesn’t mean that I am a tree huger I am far from it. It come from the fact I am frugal with my money. Anything I can make from recycled materials or from things just lying around the house, the more money I save from having to buy it at a big box store.

Not only has recycled prepping saved me money, but it has made me more self reliant. This is why today I am launching the Recycle Prep & Survival page. This section will be dedicated to recycled prepping and survival projects and will feature how to videos and instructions for all the projects.

The following video is a presentation on recycled prepping I gave at The Annual Preppers Meet in Horning’s Mills Ontario, the town where Bruce Beach’s ARK II is located.

Keep checking back, I will be adding new projects often.

“Be Prepared, Stay Safe and Survive!”

Jul 18 2014

Efficient Disaster Preparedness Guide For Senior Citizens And Beyond

The orphaning of baby boomers By: Anna Rodriguez Survival Central Contributor

As the number of baby boomers experiencing disaster-related incidents rise, the growing concerns over how to cope with the challenges and these incidents pose become prominent. It is noteworthy to mention that older adults made up 65% of the victims of the recent tsunami in Japan and half of hurricane Sandy’s victims, as well, as reported by John Feather and Jennifer Campbell in their article in The Huffington Post.

Elderly people need to take initiative in conceptualizing a well-defined and well-planned preparedness guide for any disasters to equip them in preparation for the doomed uncertainties life has to offer. The vulnerability most elderly people poses in the face of catastrophes produces concerns also over the urgent need for them to make preparations in advance in facing the worst possible scenarios life may offer.

Don’t Scare The Elderly Away Read more »

Jul 04 2014

Preppers Kit: Unbelievably Practical, The Budget-Wise, and The Worst

Bugout bag

By: Philip Masterson Survival Central Contributor

Have you ever thought of that moment when the end of the world comes and your location is filled with chaos, destruction, and fight for survival? Not that I’m forcing you to be afraid of that day, but you are one step ahead of others come doomsday if you’re prepared and if you have a preppers kit that’s right for you. Your personalized preppers kit will be your best friend and golden ticket that will help you survive the near-death and almost impossible situations that you may encounter during doomsday. Read more »

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