Post-Apocalypse Checklist Everyone Should Know

How to assemble a generic backpack survival kit, for disaster. good to know, for just in case situations.By: Anna Rodriguez Survival Central Contributor

An unstoppable epidemic sweeps the entire world and wipes out more than half of the entire population in less than a year. The world powers suddenly enter into world war 3 and unleash a worldwide nuclear holocaust. These two apocalyptic news are some of the possible events that can usher in the worst fear of the the staunchest of preppers: societal collapse.

Imagine the lives of Rick Grimes and his group in the walking dead. A complete societal collapse means having to live a life eerily close to that one.

So do you think of yourself as a hardcore prepper? Do you consider yourself prepared for a post-apocalyptic societal collapse? Yes? No? Well, just to make sure, maybe you should cross-check your preparedness checklist with ours to make sure you’re not missing anything. Continue reading

When TSHTF, do you go underground or go mobile?

A Unimog-based land yaght Source: Flickr via indigoprimeThe Bunker Mentality


The Blaze is running a fascinating profile of a guy who’s working on a sprawling underground bunker complex for families to retreat to when Doomsday drops.

 The Kansas caverns are 100 feet to 150 feet below the surface and have a constant natural temperature in the low 70s. They are supported by thick limestone pillars six times stronger than concrete and will have blast doors built to withstand a one-megaton nuclear explosion as close as 10 miles away, Vicino said. Continue reading