The Possible Face of Safety Survival Run Out


boatBy: Anna Rodriguez Survival Central Contributing Writer

With numerous information drive disseminated about disaster safety guide and whatnot, come hell or high water you probably know the drill: stock up on survival basics like food, water, first aid, security or self-defense, and sanitation. If you’ve considered them, then you’re already many steps ahead than those who don’t. While Americans feel they’re knowledgeable about preparation for emergency/disaster situations, only one in three have actual preparedness plans, according to the SUNYIT/Zogby Analytics poll last year.

Let’s say that your disaster survival kit can go a long way to survive the disasters, but there’s more to the crisis situation that you should know (especially if you haven’t experienced anything like it at all). While you’re at it, it’s also important to be aware of the next big disasters that can happen what with Mother Nature getting so fed up with our selfish, destructible ways on this planet (or maybe the end is just near, we’ll never know). The intention is not to create panic, but a reality check is crucial every once in a while. If such things happen, know that we’re not completely helpless. Continue reading

Post-Apocalypse Checklist Everyone Should Know

How to assemble a generic backpack survival kit, for disaster. good to know, for just in case situations.By: Anna Rodriguez Survival Central Contributor

An unstoppable epidemic sweeps the entire world and wipes out more than half of the entire population in less than a year. The world powers suddenly enter into world war 3 and unleash a worldwide nuclear holocaust. These two apocalyptic news are some of the possible events that can usher in the worst fear of the the staunchest of preppers: societal collapse.

Imagine the lives of Rick Grimes and his group in the walking dead. A complete societal collapse means having to live a life eerily close to that one.

So do you think of yourself as a hardcore prepper? Do you consider yourself prepared for a post-apocalyptic societal collapse? Yes? No? Well, just to make sure, maybe you should cross-check your preparedness checklist with ours to make sure you’re not missing anything. Continue reading