Top 3 New BUG OUT,SURVIVAL Packs Spring & Summer 2015

eberlestockBy: Brian Fletcher

From: FreeCan Survivalists

1). Eberlestock F1Mainframe & F2 Transformer Pack:

Eberlestock is known for versatile load bearing systems both for military and hunting activities. However with the capabilities going beyond just that, I figure you can use this as an all in 1 EDC, & 72hrs Bug Out Bag, and a SHTF type of carry. You can drop the Spike Camp Duffel into the mix and expand this bad boy. Include your sleep system and clothes, plus you can Mollie on your mini kits to the F1 mainframe then drop the Spike Duffel in, and then attach the F-2 Transformer Pack with your Continue reading

5 Things To Do To Prepare for the 2015 Camping Season

Camping Survival CentralBy: Robert James Studer
From: Survival Central

Spring has sprung, and now is the time to start (if you haven’t already), thinking about getting ready for the 2015 camping season.

Here are 5 things to do now to prepare for the upcoming prime time camping season so you and your family can sit back and enjoy the summer.

  1. Make Your Reservations Now!
    Campground spots fill up quickly. Don’t wait until the last minute to book your campsite or lodging – whether it’s a cabin, cottage, or lodge. To find a campground in the area(s) you’re looking to visit, All Campgrounds of Canada, has one of the most comprehensive list of camp sites on the web. Continue reading