7 Huge Bug-Out Mistakes a Lot of Preppers Make

bug-out Image Survival CentralBy: Dan F. Sullivan
From: SurvivalSullivan.com

It seems easy enough. When disaster strikes, you grab your bug-out bag and just go. If you have a vehicle or a boat, you quickly load it with as much stuff as possible and get the heck out of there. But things don’t always happen the way we plan and imagine them, do they? When chaos breaks loose, very few things will go as planned. And the only thing that will be certain going to be… uncertainty.

Let’s talk a little about some of the biggest mistakes you could make when planning your escape. By the end of this article, hopefully, you will take a long hard look at your bug-out plan and make the necessary changes to ultimately increase your chances of survival.

Mistake #1: having a bug-out bag that’s too heavy

If you’ve never hiked with a fully loaded BOB on your back, I’m almost sure you’re overestimating how much you can run or walk with that thing. Continue reading

Top 3 New BUG OUT,SURVIVAL Packs Spring & Summer 2015

eberlestockBy: Brian Fletcher

From: FreeCan Survivalists

1). Eberlestock F1Mainframe & F2 Transformer Pack:

Eberlestock is known for versatile load bearing systems both for military and hunting activities. However with the capabilities going beyond just that, I figure you can use this as an all in 1 EDC, & 72hrs Bug Out Bag, and a SHTF type of carry. You can drop the Spike Camp Duffel into the mix and expand this bad boy. Include your sleep system and clothes, plus you can Mollie on your mini kits to the F1 mainframe then drop the Spike Duffel in, and then attach the F-2 Transformer Pack with your Continue reading