Survival Radio

Survival Central RadioIt’s finally here. Survival Central Radio. We will be broadcasting from 9am – 10 pm EST 7 days a week . In our line up will be:

Doom and Bloom with Amy and Joe, Barefoot Bushcraft with Wolf Starchild,

 The Edge with Daniel Ott, Deadline live with Jack Blood and Destiny Survival Radio

You can also look forward to  various types of music throughout the day for the coming Apocalypse.
You can tune in by choosing your player on the right or by pressing play on our player in the right hand sidebar You can also find us on Tunein radio and  Shoutcast.

Please tune in and drop us a line with your comments and suggestions.

If you have any up coming events that you would like mentioned on air please fill out our contact us form.

Listen often and till next time “Be Prepared, Stay Safe and Survive.”

Survival Central Radio Schedule

Destiny Survival Radio: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am with current and archived shows

Doom and Bloom with Amy and Joe: Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 1pm with current and archived shows

Deadline live with Jack Blood Weekdays 2pm-4pm rebroadcast of the day before episode.

Barefoot Bushcraft with Wolf Starchild:  Saturday’s at 5pm and with archived shows throughout the week.

The Edge with Daniel Ott Saturday’s 8pm with archived shows throughout the week.


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