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Brian Fletcher FreeCan SurvivalistsBrian Jr Fletcher is a 37 something year old 2nd Generation Survivalists, Who’s father carries the same name sake is still a modern vagabond at the age of 57 something, travelling around Canada from city to city, shelter to shelter, and yes even bush to bush. With years of outdoor experience pasted on from his father, Brian Jr was able to pick up basic bush crafting skills and a love for the wilderness at a young age from his elder kin.

Brian Jr is the definition of a Modern Urban Survivalists mixing both modern technologies with tradition survival skills, coupled with his Boy Scout & Air Cadets training. from a young age Brian has worked in and around both the harshest conditions Ontario has to offer, and the unforgiving streets of Toronto Where he picked up more than just the knowledge of how to get by. He thrived developed a “Do what you have too, to survive type attitude”.

Brian Jr has a passion for both sports and music as well the art of performing. He has worked the last several years himself a Vagabond travelling and performing his music. He has a great amount of marketing and management abilities that came from owning his own entertainment company, and interning and City/Space/Bravo Networks. With certificates in Broadcasting, Environmental Science’s, Hand to Hand Combat, Escape & Evasion, Communications and General 1st Aid, and is still heading back to school once again this September to add outdoor educator to his resume. You can always rest assured that Brian is going to bring you the “New Hot Gear” with a twist of his Urban Views in the world of Survival.

You can always catch Brian’s daily Blog & 24hr Live stream at:

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