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Robert StuderRobert James Studer Editor:

Robert started prepping 15 years ago in anticipation of the perceived Y2K crisis. Starting out small with just enough resources to get him and his family through a week of supply disruptions, this quickly turned into a journey, which over the past 15 years has grown into a full time endeavor focusing on urban, shelter in place situations.

Robert started the blog 4 years ago which now has grown to be one of the top 10 survival sites according to Top Survival Sites: and placed 6th for The Reader’s Choice on Top 50 Survival Sites:

What started as a blog has grown to include, its own survival store. With his focus on DIY projects Robert is a featured contributor on where he brings fun , practical and unique projects for prepping and survival situations.

He is currently working on an Ebook on his journey as a prepper over the past 15 where he will discuss his personal challenges and triumphs while prepping for the coming Apocalypse. Highlighted in the book will also be how to be a positive prepper and mental and physical preparedness.

Seeing a need for a community based prepper survival group in the Durham Region, he started The Durham Region Prepper Survival Group this past February.

– motto: “Be Prepared, Stay Safe and Survive.”

– Organizer of The Durham Region Prepper and Survival Group.


Brian Fletcher FreeCan SurvivalistsBrian Jr Fletcher is a 37 something year old 2nd Generation Survivalists, Who’s father carries the same name sake is still a modern vagabond at the age of 57 something, travelling around Canada from city to city, shelter to shelter, and yes even bush to bush. With years of outdoor experience pasted on from his father, Brian Jr was able to pick up basic bush crafting skills and a love for the wilderness at a young age from his elder kin. You can always catch Brian’s daily Blog & 24hr Live stream at:


Philip Masterson

 Philip Masterson

is a Marketing Specialist, Researcher, Security Advocate, and a Freelance Writer.

He also writes about home and community security, technology, environment, world market, and world businesses.

For more updates about Philip, follow him on Twitter.

Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez is a manager and a passionate writer.

She writes about investment, home improvement, green sustainability, business and tech innovations.
She owns Homey Guide Blog.
You can follow her at @annrodriguez021



Lee Flynn

Lee Flynn

Tagline :I am prepper…I prepare by having more food than you!
Bragging rights
Guest contributor to dozens of food storage/prepping blogs.
University of Uta

Roger Gallager

Roger Gallager is a Marketing and Sales specialist. He has written a wide range of articles about money circulation, business world, real estate, security. Follow him on Twitter.



info1Mina Arnao  is the Founder/CEO of More Prepared, the emergency preparedness experts for over 10 years. More Prepared’s mission is to help families, schools and businesses prepare for earthquakes and other emergencies.  Mina is CERT trained (community emergency response team) and Red Cross certified.


  1. Hi Robert,

    Thank you for offering to participate in Ontario Preparedness 2014. This will be the largest and most diverse prepper meet that Ontario had ever seen. With the event only a month away the agenda for each day is being finalized. A description of the session that you are presenting is urgently needed along with a short bio should you choose to provide one. This information will be posted on the dedicated website and will be printed in the agenda and program for the weekend.

    Please forward the information to me at or info@ for inclusion into the program.

    Thanks again for offering to make presentation at this event.

    Peter (ICRCC)

    • admin

      Hi Peter:
      I sent you my bio and talk description through regular email from Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your great event. Have a great day.

      Robert Studer
      Survival Central

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