Survival Central To Launch New Survival Product At The Survival Expo Niagara Falls Aug 9-10

Survival Central's Mini Solar Tube Cooker and Water Sanitizer Survival Central’s Mini Solar Cooking and Water Sanitization Tube

By: Robert Studer

This coming weekend August 9-10 in Niagara Falls Ontario is going to be one of the biggest events of the summer for the Prepping, Survival and Homesteading community.
It is also going to be one of the biggest events of the year as Survival Central will be introducing a new product for the first time at booth 21.
For those who can’t make the show here is your opportunity to have a sneak peek, and a chance to purchase one before they go on sale this weekend.

Introducing Survival Central’s Mini Solar Tube Cooker and Water Sanitizer 

Mini Evacuated Solar Tube, Survival Central

This ultra-portable Mini Solar Tube Cooker can quickly reach cooking temperature in just 5-10 minutes, using nothing but the sun. It can sterilize water in as little as 10 minutes, making this an Ideal survival tool for your bugout bag. Perfect for roasting garlic, cashews, peanuts, hot dogs, sausages, pumpkin seeds, trail mix, or any other small appetizer or snack.  Great as an educational tool, or as an intro to solar cooking. Makes for an awesome stocking suffer or unique gift for the guy or gal who has everything!

Here is the link to order yours now :

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