Recycled Prep & Survival

By: Robert James Studer Survival Central Editor

This section will be dedicated to recycled prepping and survival projects and will feature how to videos and instructions for all the projects. What is recycled prepping and survival? It can mean different things to different people, depending on your personal situation. I’ll give you my take on recycled prepping and survival.

Recycled prepping and survival to me means taking thing you would normally throw in the recycle bin and re purposing them into preparedness or survival items. But I am going to take it one step further. I also consider re purposing any item around the house to be recycled prepping and survival.

Recycled prepping not only can save you money but it can teach you a little about self reliance and teach you new skills. The following video is a presentation on recycled prepping I gave at The Annual Preppers Meet in Horning’s Mills Ontario, the town where Bruce Beach’s ARK II is located.

Keep checking back, I will be adding new projects often.

“Be Prepared, Stay Safe and Survive!”

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