Preppers Kit: Unbelievably Practical, The Budget-Wise, and The Worst

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By: Philip Masterson Survival Central Contributor

Have you ever thought of that moment when the end of the world comes and your location is filled with chaos, destruction, and fight for survival? Not that I’m forcing you to be afraid of that day, but you are one step ahead of others come doomsday if you’re prepared and if you have a preppers kit that’s right for you. Your personalized preppers kit will be your best friend and golden ticket that will help you survive the near-death and almost impossible situations that you may encounter during doomsday.

They say that if you have no survival preparedness plan, you’ll be deadmeat come doomsday. Statistics show that death among disaster victims mostly occur due to starvation, dehydration, certain elements, and ignorance of survival preparedness. But how do you prepare and choose the best preppers kit for you? I’ll give you a rundown of the best, worst, and practical preppers kit that’s available out there to help you out on choosing what suits you best.

Your Prepper Kit To-Do List

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As a prepper, first things first on your checklist is to decide whether you will be buying a pre-assembled preppers kit or if you will make your own. You also need to decide how much money you will spend for your emergency survival kits and your timeline in assembling all the items that you need for your kit.

If you decide to buy a pre-assembled one, you can check out several prepper websites to see all the available preppers kit that you can buy. On the other hand, if you decide to make your own, here are some factors that you need to consider.

Take note of the number of people in your household, the number of days that your kit should last, and the purpose of the kit. For a 72-hour kit, you’ll be needing these specific items:

1. Water – One gallon a day per person is your safest bet.
2. Food – Make sure to have a food supply that doesn’t need a lot of effort to prepare. This definitely includes survival food kits that should last longer, say 6 months.
3. First aid – Aside from the basic first aid contents, include personal prescriptions and a pocket first aid manual.
4. Communication devices – This includes a battery-operated portable, pocket radio and a charged mobile phone.
5. Personal hygiene – For personal uses, keep a supply of soap, toilet paper, shampoo.
6. Lighter and fire starters – This includes waterproof matches, lighters and other fire starters should you need to light a fire in the woods or cook food.
7.  A handy Swiss Knife – Thanks to its multi-functionality, this will help you in a lot of your future survival situations.

And the Worst Kit goes to…

In Case of Emergency Eat This Book

Of course no one has planned to fail, especially when it comes to preparing a preppers kit for doomsday. Do not make the stupid mistake of preparing your preppers kit this way, unless you want to die instantly during doomsday events.

First, don’t store your preppers kit in a place where it might be burned, get flooded or stolen. Place it in a safe place in your house where it is free from these unfortunate events and make sure that only you and your household know where your kit is located.

Also, some people fail to make an inventory of their food supply in their preppers kit. They also tend to forget about the expiry date of their food kits. Be sure to take note of the expiration so that food will not go to waste.

For medicines, same as food, they fail to see how long it will last especially if it is in room temperature or when stored in a place with extreme heat. Be sure to ask your friendly pharmacist for the life expectancy of your medicines that you plan to put on your preppers kit.

Another helpful tip that I’d like to share is to take time to know how your equipment in your preppers kit works. You don’t want to experience that miserable feeling of not being able to use the stuff that you kept for doomsday.

Finally, do not ever make the worst mistake of putting too much stuff on your bug out bag as your preppers kit. As heavy as it may be, it will be useless if you won’t be able to carry it (imagine the rush and the need to move fast during doomsday). Just make sure that all essential items are in your preppers kit and see if you can carry them properly while you are running.

The Best (and Budget-Friendly) Kit for You!

And this is what most beginner preppers look for—the budget-friendly and best preppers kit that is available.

If you’d ask me, a compact kit will be one of your best option. A pocket survival kit can include just a pocket knife, mini flashlight, paracord bracelet, flint & steel, and survival & safety whistle. This is just a safe and very basic survival kit, at the same time portable gear kit. And all of these just cost less than $55.

The best preppers kit that I’d recommend is one that contains all the essential stuff I mentioned before, complete with its longevity. Who wants to use a preppers kit that isn’t useable anyway? Also, you just need to set a specific budget for your preppers kit essentials and you’re good to go. Don’t overspend on the stuff that you won’t use.

Come to think of it, prepping for doomsday need not be difficult and expensive. I do hope this simple preparedness guide that I shared with you will help you on preparing and assembling the best preppers kit that you can ever have—one that you are very familiar with, easy to use, and easy to carry. Again, be sure to stock it in a safe place and keep focused on your number one goal if the end of the world happens right now: your survival. Happy prepping!

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