Ontario Preparedness 2014 (2nd Annual Conference, Skills Workshop, Camping, BBQ)

ARK II ShelterTime: Friday, July 11, 2014 1:00 PM to 

The Ontario Preparedness Event is a joint effort between several prepper and survivalist groups across Ontario. This annual event is the largest of its kind featuring dozens of special guests, giveaways, door prizes, vendor tables and experts in a variety of prepper and survival-related fields. It a free and is otherwise a non-profit event although we will have fundraisers to assist in covering the associated costs. This year’s event will be held at the Community Hall in Horning’s Mills and the ARK 2 Nuclear Fall-out shelter. The ARK 2 Fallout shelter was created on the National Geographic show ‘Doomsday Preppers’ featuring retired radiologist Bruce Beech. Free Camping will be available outside the ‘bunker’ for the entire weekend and everyone is welcome to stay.

Ontario Prepper Meet

A series of self-reliance presentations will be taking place throughout the Saturday and Sunday of the event weekend. We will also be having outdoor events as well. A detailed schedule will be provided to attendees upon arriving. The events taking place will include everything from homemade power generation and pressure canning to prepper bartering items and raising chickens in your backyard. Some of the event speakers, experts and special guests include (but are not limited to) the following:

Allen Charron Bug Out Canada (http://bugout-canada.ca)
A prepper school focused on training individuals in the art of prepping

Karen Stephenson of Edible Wild Food (http://www.ediblewildfood.com)
Karen is renowned for her knowledge of wild edibles

Aquapoinics by Truly Local (http://www.trulylocal.ca)
A presentation on the symbiotic relationship between fish and growing your own food

David Arama (http://www.wscsurvivalschool.com)
David brings 35 years of prepping and survival experience

Enviroharvest (http://www.enviroharvest.ca)
Cost effective off-grid alternative energy systems demonstrations

Ingrid Cryns and Sue McKee (http://www.earthwisdomliving.com)
An intelligent discussion on Spiritual Survivalism and Regenerative Homesteading

Colleen (http://www.usno.ca &http://www.meetup.com/Toronto-Survivalists)
Colleen will be the official photographer for this event

Robert Studer (http://www.survivalcentral.net &http://www.meetup.com/Durham-Region-Prepper-Survival-Group)
Organizer for the Durham Region Prepper Survivor Group and Survival Central

Wolf Starchild (http://barefootbushcraft.com)
Wolf brings a wealth of primitive skills knowledge

Mr. C (anonymous)
Q & A on the effects of nuclear, biological, radiological and chemical disasters from an expert

Che (http://ontariopreppers.ca)
Organizer for the Ontario Prepper Survival Network and co-organizer for the annual Ontario Prepper Meet

Chris Thomson (http://nnwss.webs.com)
Canadian Forces and Wilderness School Instructor

Joe (http://usno.ca)
Organizer for the United Survivalist Network of Ontario

ICRCC (Peter) is an experienced and practicing prepper and organizer of the CanAmPreppers forum.

Doug Getgood (http://usno.ca)
Organizer for the United Survivalist Network of Ontario

Wild_E (http://wildernessreturn.wordpress.com)  Wild_E is and experienced prepper with years of experience living off grid and is a master scrounge crafter.

Dan ‘X’ of Bug Out Canada (http://bugout-canada.ca)
A prepper school focused on training individuals in the art of prepping

This page will be updated as special guest speakers and event hosts are added and confirmed so please check back regularly.

Event Location: The location is at the Community Hall and the ARK ll bunker within Horning mills, Ontario. Ark ll  is the primary meeting place on the Friday and the camping spot for the entire weekend. Outdoor events will also be hosted here. Map Location:http://goo.gl/maps/ZSw0S (green arrow points to correct spot). The Primary meeting place for Saturday and Sunday will be at the Community Hall opposite Mr. Beach’s  house.

Check in: People are welcome to check into the camp area within the ARK 2 bunker anytime after 1pm on Friday, July 11th.

Event Schedule: Complete details can be found athttp://ontariopreparedness.com

Friday night: Meet, greet, camp fires and several circles of people playing guitar and singing Kumbaya.

Saturday Program starts at 9:00am

Registration and Meet & Greet  at  the Hall

Opening and Welcoming Comments  at the Hall with  ICRCC, Che and Wild_E

Recycled Prepping at the Hall with Robert Studer

Land and property Selection for  Homesteading or Bugging Out at Hall with  Sue McKee & Ingrid Cryns

Food Warrior Unleashed at the Hall with Karen Stephenson

 Fundraiser Lunch at the Hall

Data Exchange at the Hall with ICRCC

Off Grid Energy Solutions at the Hall with Enviroharvest

How to Dress a Rabbit at Ark ll  with Bug out Canada

Archery How-to hands-on At Ark ll with Wolf Starchild

Prepper Bartering at the Hall with Che

Barbeque and Social  (Bring your own Barbeque & food)  at Ark ll

Ark ll Tour at  Ark ll

A Year in the Wilderness at the Hall with Doug Getgood

Round Table Discussion   at the Hall with ICRCC as Moderator

Sunday Program starts at 9:00am

Registration at hall

Introduction (Che, Wild_E and ICRCC)

Regenerative Homesteading at the Hall with Ingrid Cryns and Sue McKee

GPS & Navigation Skills at Ark ll with David Amara

Pressure Canning Hands-on Workshop at the Hall with Che

Trapping at Ark ll with Joe

Walk on the Wild Side with Karen at ARK ll with Karen

Psychological effects of bugging Out at the Hall with Dan  (R-Rated)

Fundraiser Lunch at the Hall

Data Exchange at the Hall with ICRCC

Primitive Shelter and Fire at Ark ll with Wild_E, Robert Suder and ICRCC

Bug out Bags at Ark ll with Cris

Wrap up at Ark ll


Camping: The primary accommodation means within the area around the ARK 2 bunker. Everyone camping is expected to bring their own camping gear and to have proper clothing, footwear and otherwise personal accommodations for the weekend.

Hotel: There is a hotel located about 15 minutes south in Shelburne.

Shelburne Motel
506243 Ontario 89
Shelburne, ON L0N 1S8
(519) 925-5552

Hotel Google Map: http://goo.gl/maps/DbZPo

Note: The Ontario Prepper Survival Network has no affiliation with the Shelburne Motel. They are merely being referenced here for your convenience.

Other Accommodations: Arrangements can be made for individuals to stay at Mr. Beech’s house although consideration will primarily be going towards the elderly, handicapped and people with small children that do not wish to camp. There are a couple of bedrooms available and I’m confident the him and his wife would welcome the company.

Facilities: A port potty setup at the camping area.

Food: Everyone is responsible for bringing their own food.

Water: Water will be available from Mr. Beech’s house Saturday and Sunday (in the daytime only), however, it is recommended that all guests bring their own drinking water.

Conduct: This is a family-orientated event. As such we expect everyone to respect one another and conduct themselves in a civil manner. We do not wish to see firearms, abusive language, drugs or erratic behavior at this event. We anticipate a very healthy crowd for this two-day event. We hope that everyone is able to have a great weekend, learn a thing or two and meet like-minded preppers while doing so in a safe and friendly environment.

Any questions, comments and/or concerns can be directed toChe or ICRCC. All event details can be found athttp://ontariopreparedness.com





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  1. Announcement…

    We also have a Go/Get home bag up for auction
    Looking for people to donate items for it still to make it a kicken item.
    Anyone and everyone can contribute to this !

    People and businesses who have added items so far are:
    wild_E – that me Ed
    Prepper Madness
    Buroak Wilderness
    Robert Studer
    Mountain Man
    che ?

    • admin

      Lets Fill this thing and make a great event.

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