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Jul 22 2014

Survival Central Launches New Recycled Prep & Survival Page

Recycled Prep & SurvivalBy: Robert James Studer Survival Central Editor

I have been a recycling prepper for the past 15 years. No this doesn’t mean that I am a tree huger I am far from it. It come from the fact I am frugal with my money. Anything I can make from recycled materials or from things just lying around the house, the more money I save from having to buy it at a big box store.

Not only has recycled prepping saved me money, but it has made me more self reliant. This is why today I am launching the Recycle Prep & Survival page. This section will be dedicated to recycled prepping and survival projects and will feature how to videos and instructions for all the projects.

The following video is a presentation on recycled prepping I gave at The Annual Preppers Meet in Horning’s Mills Ontario, the town where Bruce Beach’s ARK II is located.

Keep checking back, I will be adding new projects often.

“Be Prepared, Stay Safe and Survive!”

Jul 07 2014

Ontario Preparedness 2014 (2nd Annual Conference, Skills Workshop, Camping, BBQ)

ARK II ShelterTime: Friday, July 11, 2014 1:00 PM to 

The Ontario Preparedness Event is a joint effort between several prepper and survivalist groups across Ontario. This annual event is the largest of its kind featuring dozens of special guests, giveaways, door prizes, vendor tables and experts in a variety of prepper and survival-related fields. It a free and is otherwise a non-profit event although we will have fundraisers to assist in covering the associated costs. This year’s event will be held at the Community Hall in Horning’s Mills and the ARK 2 Nuclear Fall-out shelter. The ARK 2 Fallout shelter was created on the National Geographic show ‘Doomsday Preppers’ featuring retired radiologist Bruce Beech. Free Camping will be available outside the ‘bunker’ for the entire weekend and everyone is welcome to stay. Read more »

Jul 02 2014

6 Smart Tips for Prepping with Pets

Survivopedia Prepping with petsby Theresa Crouse for Survivopedia.

Our pets are a part of our lives, but people often forget that they will have needs if SHTF too. They’ll still need to eat and they may get sick. Storing back pet food and common medications is a necessary part of your prepping.

Pets can be useful in survival situations; they can warn you that storms are coming, they can defend your home, and they can perform a multitude of services to help you survive. Today we’re going to talk more about prepping with pets.

Dogs, cows, horses, and other livestock can tell you when storms are approaching.

They get skittish and may begin to gather in herds facing the same direction. Read more »

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