7 Tips for Surviving in the Woods or the Jungle

Jungle Wood SurvivalBy: Jenny Richards (Survival Central Guest Contributor)

If you’re planning on a trip to the jungle for camping, hunting or whatever other reason, it will be good to be aware of some basic survival tips so that you are able to take care of yourself if something goes wrong and you find yourself lost or cut off from modernity.

The tips below should help you survive almost any situation:

1.Stay calm, panicking only makes a bad situation worse

If you find that you are lost in the jungle, the first thing that you should do is to stop and gather your thoughts and remember everything you need to do to survive the situation that you find yourself in. The number one enemy that you will have is yourself and your mind. You need to take control if you want to survive.

2.Get familiar and oriented with your surroundings

The next thing you should do is to get accustomed to the surroundings you are in and mark the spot where you are. You will need to use the current spot where you stand as a reference point, when you do some exploring to find resources and your way out. Use any landmarks or the sun to guide your position.

3.Scout your immediate surroundings

Next, walk around and see what’s around you, you should primarily be looking for a clue that will help you find your way out or find food and water that you will need if you can’t immediately find our way out. At this point, it should be a priority to find a spot where you can place a distress call or a beacon for help.

4.Look for some water and purify it

If you can’t immediately find your way out, you need to start looking for some nourishment if you don’t have some already. Water should be your priority. If you are in a jungle that has vegetation, you should be able to find water by looking for a stream, some water collection spots around rocks or even by collecting rain water or morning dew.

Once you find the water, look for a way to purify the water. Boiling it would be the best option but if you have access to a plastic bottle, putting the water in the plastic bottle and leaving it in the sun for a few hours will do a good job of purifying the water. You should however start by sieving the water using your shirt or a piece of cloth.

5.Create a shelter

Your next immediate move should be to find shelter or a home base from the elements at night and during the day. Finding a place that is warm enough to prevent hypothermia is important. You should also find a spot not too hidden but is well positioned to protect you from any wildlife if any. Also, don’t spend too much time building a perfect spot initially – you want to conserve your energy.

6.Look for some food

You then need to look for some food. If you have eaten insects before, you shouldn’t have a problem. Insects will most likely be your main source of food until you find your way out or can hunt bigger animals or find some fruit. If you find a river or lake near you, you should be able to find some fish also.

7.Build a fire

Building a fire is the next crucial step. If you have some matches, lucky you. If you don’t you could make a fire by using the sun and a sort of magnifying glass, the back of a glass bottle, the glass on your watch or similar items should help you. Preferably, only use dry wood or dry leaves to start the fire and keep it going.

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