‘Highly contagious’ bird flu found at Netherlands farm

Men carry hens to be killed at a farm in Hekendorp, the NetherlandsBird flu: EU talks as Netherlands battles outbreak

From: BBC News

The European Commission is discussing protective measures to contain a “highly contagious” strain of bird flu discovered at a poultry farm in the Netherlands.
The measures will include killing all contaminated animals and the cleaning of their holding areas.
The Dutch government said the strain, H5N8, could potentially affect humans.
Authorities have already begun destroying 150,000 hens at the infected farm, in the village of Hekendorp. Continue reading

Gun Grab U.N. Arms Treaty To Take Effect Dec. 24

UN Gun ConfiscationFrom: Investors.com

Gun Control: To some, concern over a U.N. Arms Trade Treaty set to take effect Dec. 24 is much ado about nothing. But a president unconstrained by Congress or the Constitution may try to impose severe limits on gun rights.

All treaties must be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate, and that’s not about to happen in the case of the unratified Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), particularly after the 2014 election that gave the GOP Senate control.

The same, of course, could have been said about the Kyoto Protocol and other climate change deals that mandate that governments tie their economies in knots to meet arbitrary emission goals to save the planet. The Senate has not and won’t ratify any of those either. Continue reading

Shelf It Up: Proper Food Storage


Prepper-Pantry Porn - I love it!!By: Roger Gallager (Survival Central Contributor)

Food storage should be an integral part of any prepper’s emergency survival kits. Preparing for disasters or catastrophes through safeguarding the house or raising solid infrastructures can only take you so far. Obviously, no man can survive without food and it will only take a couple of days before the body gives up without proper sustenance. And for a prepper’s preference, survival food kits should be long enduring, sturdy and dependable. After all, all preparations made to survive disasters and catastrophes will be rendered useless if we perish due to lack of food. Here are a few tips in stacking up effective food kits that shall sustain you in the hard times.

What food to store?
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